Hi there, welcome to Koita. Our mission is to bring you premium Italian, healthy, clean tasting, 100% pure, plant-based milks. And guess what, our milks are all shelf stable! Which means they can be stored in your pantry for a very long time! Our vision is to make sure everyone can “Eat Good” because when you eat good, you feel good, which makes you want to do good. We have a great passion for this – some say they can even taste it! Launched in 2016 in Dubai by American Mustafa Koita, and introduced to the US market in 2020, the Koita team has been working hard to bring our customers’ happiness with every sip.

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Yummy milk...just as nature intended, straight from Italy. We bring you the healthiest, tastiest NON -GMO, Plant Based milk in 7 flavors!

From Italy to your home


Packed in tetra-pak (paper, not plastic) the milk is shipped all over the world by sea freight in temperature controlled containers.

Koita's plant-based milks come from the land of everything “buonissimo”. Italy has some of the most fertile lands in the world and our ingredients are grown in the richest soils near Mt. Vesuvius where Italy's best pastas and wines are also grown. That means that our oats, almonds, soy and rice are grown in happy, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich Italian soil. The richer the soil, the tastier the milk! We also bust all the myths when it comes to shelf-stable milks. You won’t find any artificial preservatives here. We use a special technique called Ultra Heat Treatment where the milk is pasteurized just like fresh milk is...but at a higher temperature. We then immediately package our premium Italian beverages using air-tight aseptic Tetrapak paper cartons (no plastic!). They are designed to keep light and oxygen out and the creamy goodness in. You don’t have to refrigerate the cartons until you are ready to consume. And once you open it, don't forget to consume it within 3-4 days:) We bring you nothing but the best...the healthiest, vegan milk products with an incredible taste.


Plant Based Anything Matters

Rejoice in the power of plants! Whether you’re choosing a vegan lifestyle because of dietary restrictions or are simply choosing to make a lifestyle change, you’ve done something great by landing on our site. At Koita, we believe in sourcing the absolute cleanest ingredients to make sure our milks are as nutritious & delicious as possible. They’re all NON GMO, and several are organic & enriched with added vitamins and calcium. Hop on the premium Italian bandwagon with us for some feel good, plant – based milk! Pssst…we’ve been told just one sip of our milk can make you taste happiness. So go ahead and find out for yourself. 

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We’re the “Happy Milk” People

We know that our milk makes people strong and healthy, but we also want to make them happy. As a family-owned, community-based company, Koita works hard to spread the love. We do this by making sure we do our part when it comes to being environmentally friendly. All of our packs are made of 100% recyclable paper, we have a strict no straws policy, and we adhere to stringent sustainable farming practices. We also support local charities wherever we are around the globe by spending a portion of our profits to support their causes.

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