As you may have guessed, this is a picture of me and my wonderful family (a.k.a. the inspiration behind Koita).  I would like to think I am a cool dad (my 3 kids and my wife might say otherwise!) and I started this company because of my passion for healthy living, giving back to the community and, of course, my children Serena, Danyal and Sophia.  So here’s my story…

Each summer, my family and I would travel to my hometown in Chicago; primarily so the kids could spend time with their grandparents!  Every return trip had at least 1 suitcase full of organic foods for the kids; since these were not yet readily available in the Middle East. I started Koita in 2013 with the ultimate goal of bringing great premium and organic foods to the everyday consumer in the region (and also to reduce my baggage allowance requirement!)

Now that you know the reason Koita was created,  here’s the story about our journey around the world to bring the CLEANEST TASTING organic milk to your doorstep…



Koita spent over 2 years ‘listening’ to hundreds of parents around the Middle East on their desire to buy a ‘clean milk’ solution.  We used focus groups in every GCC country, online social media and other innovative polling techniques to build a customer driven product that answered rising consumer demand.  This is what consumers told us they wanted in their organic milk, so we delivered (pun intended):
  • Produced with no toxic pesticides, no artificial hormones and no antibiotics
  • Healthy yet long-lasting, to prevent spoilage in hot environments
  • Clean, creamy and fresh taste
  • Rigid certification/production regulations with fair treatment of cows
  • Variety of products and sizes
  • Eco-friendly packaging


After listening to what our customers wanted in organic milk,  Koita visited dozens of countries in search of the best milk from the best cows on the best farms; without compromise. We investigated each farm to observe how cows were treated, analyze environmental impacts of farm operations & transportation to Dubai and investigate organic certification regulations. Of course, we also had to do lots of taste testing to find the best taste profile!


Finally, we found the best milk from renowned dairy farms in Italy! Koita Organic Certified Milk comes from ‘happy grass fed cows’ and is packaged in  TetraPak paper (not plastic!), making it good for the environment as well as your family. With added Halal Certified Vitamin A & D3, Koita milk boasts a tone of goodness.   Finally, Koita donates 10% of our yearly net profits to charity.  To learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility click here: Giving Back





Mustafa Y. Koita is the CEO and is responsible for the strategic vision and customer service at Koita. Notably, Mustafa personally reviews every single end-customer inquiry to ensure they are given the highest priority.
Prior to Koita, Mustafa was an experienced American businessman who has resided in Dubai for over a decade. Mustafa previously held executive leadership roles at companies such as, but not limited to Boeing Defense Systems, L-1 Identity Solutions, and US Robotics. Mustafa has also successfully invested in a number of companies within the international FMCG & Telecoms space. Mustafa is also a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Dubai Chapter.
Mustafa has a BS from Northern Illinois Univerity, Illinois, United States of America

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Director of Global Sales & Marketing


Alissa B. Craddock is the Director of Global Sales & Marketing. Her responsiblities also include Social Media Strategy, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Prior to Koita, Alissa was the Director of Communications at Blossom Education (One of the UAEs Premier Children's Nurseries and Winner of the Dubai SME 100). Prior to Blossom, Alissa was a Public Relations Specialist for the Dubai Center for Special Needs (A Non-Profit for Special Needs Education). In the US, Alissa worked for several non profits to support fund-raising initiatives and public relations. Her dedication to corporate social responsibility continues at Koita where 10% of profits are donated to local charities each year.
Alissa has a BA Degree from Nazareth College of Rochester, New York, United States of America.

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Head of Operations and Logistics


Robert McSherry is the Head of Operations and Logistics. His responsibilties also include Supply Chain Management and Office Management.

Prior to Koita, Robert was an Operations Specialist at Flour (A major US Military contractor) and managed food operations at several US Miliatry bases across the Middle East. Prior to Flour, Robert worked at another major US contractor "KBR" and is also a Certified Notary Public in the United States.

Robert has a BA in Management Operations from Los Angeles Pierce College, California, United States of America.

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Koita is a Member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) based in Washington DC. The OTA is a non-profit which promotes and protects organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public, and the economy.


Koita is a Member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a dynamic, global network of more than 11,000 business owners around the world. EO member companies collectively have over $536 Billion USD in annual revenues and employ over 2.4 million individuals across 48 countries.