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Hi there, welcome to Koita. We’re a homegrown company obsessed with bringing you the cleanest tasting organic & hormone-free milk. Our vision is to make sure everyone can “Eat Good” because when you eat good, you feel good, which makes you do good. We have a great passion for this, some say they can even taste it Koita Dubai

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Moolicious Milk...just as our happy cows intended. We bring you the healthiest, tastiest Organic and Hormone-Free Milk.

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Organic Milk Matters

Organic milk is better for us, our families, our farmers, and our happy cows – it’s a proven fact! Koita’s Organic Milk is 100% pure cow’s milk enriched with Vitamin’s A & D3, EU Organic Certified through and through. This means we have all of the goodness without any of the nasties – no antibiotics, no hormones and absolutely no preservatives! 

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Hormone & Antibiotic Free
Earth Friendly
Vitamin Enriched


Eating good makes us feel good and when we feel good, we want to do good. At Koita, we live this mantra and every year we share a portion of our profits to local nonprofit organizations. So, a small part of what you pay for Koita milk goes to various charities. We also love getting involved and inspiring communities. So, by keeping your family healthy with Koita milk you automatically help other needy families do the same. Below are some of the charities we support.
Koita Milk

We’re the “Happy Milk” People

At the end of the day, all that matters is to have a happy life. Here at Koita, we know our organic milk makes people strong and healthy, but we also want to make them happy. As a family owned, community-based company, Koita works hard in spreading love, happiness and positive energy wherever we go, because drinking organic milk makes people healthier which also helps to make our society stronger.

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